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Jun 9, 2021
by Rothney Chase

This month I would like to offer my digitizing services to anyone who would like to have a line drawing turned into an embroidery design!  I have had a few people already request my services.   One example of this was from a lady named Abby.  She emailed me the picture below of a moon tattoo, along with the answers to a few questions, and asked if I could make it into a line-stitched embroidery design for her to stitch out on the back of a jacket. 

The design doesn’t follow the picture exactly.  To avoid any copyright infringements, the design had  be at least 30% different than the line drawing.  

I had Abby’s approval for the changes.  When I completed the design, I notified Abby and she purchased it from my website.


I didn’t charge her the normal digitizing fees!!  One stipulation that I have is that once I finish the design, I own it and it is mine to sell on my website.  This way, my digitizing fees would eventually be covered by all other purchases made of this design from my website.  I think this is a win-win opportunity for everyone.  You get a design that you want and I get a design to sell!


Before you all start sending me line drawings, there are a few things that you also have to consider and provide answers for:

Line drawing

Please, no photographs of people or pets.  I prefer a line drawing, whether it is a screen print of something, like the one from Abby, or a hand drawn image, which doesn’t have to be perfect.  The software program will smooth out any rough lines.


Machine format

Even though I save my designs in various formats, it is very helpful if you provide the machine format that you require.  This also helps me select a hoop in my software program.  Not all hoops are the same size.  I personally use a Brother embroidery machine for stitching out designs.


I need to know the height and width that you want for the finished design.  Make sure this size fits the stitching area of your embroidery hoop (shown in green in the pictures below).  I have various sizes of hoops, but you are going to be the one stitching out the completed design.


Knowing what type of project and the fabric you plan on using helps me with my test stitch out. 


Fill stitching or line stitching

Even though your image may be a line drawing, you need to let me know if you want the design to have filled objects or line stitched objects.



Most times I digitize an outline around objects just to finish off the edges but you have to let me know if you want black outlines as shown in the line drawing.



Do you want a border around the entire design?   


These are just a few questions that I need answers to.  Some other questions could be:

If you have leaves, do you want the leaf to be 2 objects or just one?

Do you want a large object to be an applique?

Do you want a large object split into more objects?

Do you want any fancy fill stitches in large objects?


I am sure that I will be emailing you with even more questions!


Please no rush orders!!  Developing a design takes time.  Not only do the different objects in a design have to be digitized to stitch out the best way possible, but jump stitches also have to be at a minimum.  If there are outlines, several stitch outs may have to be done to perfect the design. These are just a few points as to why digitizing can be expensive.


If you have any digitizing requests, questions, or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@designsbyrothney.com


Thanks for stopping by and I hope that I have inspired you to create!


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