15 Uses for 3-D Organza Flowers

Feb 13, 2021
by Rothney Chase

I love flowers.  I love creating flowers and I love stitching flowers!  In this blog, I'm going to show you some of the ways I use 3-D organza flowers.


Most flowers found in nature have 3 to 8 rounded or pointed petals.  When creating my flower designs, I try to follow nature's creations as close as possible but then sometimes, my creative juices start flowing and I 'need' to add my own touches.  You might see this in some of the examples below.  


The majority of my flowers were created with certain, of my many wall hangings, in mind, but organza flowers are not limited to this type of project.


The following two wall hangings are abstract designs, but I used a simple posy having 3 petals on each of 2 layers on the first one, and a frangipani flower having 5 petals with ombre shading on each of 5 petals on the second wall hanging.  My choice was to stitch groups of 3 flowers together, but this isn't the way these 2 flowers appear in nature! 

The next wall hanging has a heart applique with extravagant embroidery around it. Two different kinds of leaves, filled and outlined, are embroidered on one side of the heart.  Organza roses were stitched out and added to this wall hanging.  Rose buds and crystals finished off the project.

In order to teach a class on some embroidery placement techniques, I created a table cloth for a round table.  The 3-D flower on this project is a 'side view' of an exaggerated lily.  The abstract leaves were placed and stitched first, and then the flowers were hand stitched on to promote the 3-D effects.  Of course, I had to add crystals to the embroidered design for added sparkle!

And being the matchy-matchy person that I am, I had to make matching placemats!

Table runners are another favorite of mine.  The double layered flowers on the embroidered table runner below are intricate, not representative of any particular real flower, but they really add that extra 'something' to this embroidered project.

The gardenias on the next table topper were created to be as close to the real thing as possible.  This is my most popular machine embroidery organza flower design.  This may indicate that most people prefer real to abstract!  I personally like both!

It's easy to create napkin rings with organza flowers.  You can stitch flowers, from any color of organza that you want, to enhance your table setting.  Cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long and stitch or glue the cut ends together to create a tube.  Place a flower, with or without leaves, on the side of the tube, and presto, a beautiful napkin ring.  These are so easy to make, you can have different ones for every special occasion!

This is a closeup of the napkin ring tube.

If you create a fabric tube with elastic inside and attach an organza flower, this can be placed around glass votive candle holders like the ones in the picture below.  Besides flowers, 3-D organza butterflies were also used to create a quaint place setting.

On a larger scale, wider fabric tubes can be created to fit around tall vases.  Organza flowers and butterflies can be attached to "dress-up" a couple of plain glass vases.  These "dresses" can be changed seasonally to suit your decor!


Or, you can use double stick tape to randomly attach flowers and butterflies to clear glass vases as shown below.

Using some of my organza flower designs, I created a headband for Charlie for her first birthday celebration.  I also added some thin and wide ribbon loops, some tulle, a couple of beaded drops, and some crystals.

She is so cute!

Along the same lines as the headband, I created a decorative corsage for my mauve bathroom towels.  I stitched several different organza flowers in various shades of mauve and a few brown ones.  I added silver ribbon tails and loops, and some pale green leaves.

Here's a closeup.

Gift bags are an ideal place to add organza flowers.  Below is a picture of a Christmas gift bag I created with blue 3-D organza poinsettias and holly leaves.  But Christmas is not the only occasion that is worthy of gift bags!  Bet mom would love a Mother’s Day gift bag adorned with 3-D organza daisies! 

Christmas stockings also look great embellished with organza flowers and leaves!

Tote bags are other places where 3-D organa flowers really shine.  The 3-D flower on the tote bag in the picture below is my interpretation of a budding Protea.  It just finishes off this project.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@designsbyrothney.com


Thanks for stopping by and I hope that I have inspired you to create!


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