Introducing P-L-A-T-E Mats!

Jan 11, 2021
by Rothney Chase

You've heard of placemats.  You've heard of mug rugs.  Now I'm introducing you to P-L-A-T-E mats!  Yes, plate mats.  These are so much fun!  Fun to make! Fun to create! Fun to use!


Plate mats fit under the bottom of a dinner plate or inside a charger plate.  They can also fit under a clear salad plate.  

Being smaller than a placemat, they take much less time to make and they take up way less storage space.  Very convenient for condo living!


If you own clear dinner plates, you are in for a treat today!  If you don't own any, you may want to consider buying some after seeing this!  Many of you buy different color/patterned place settings but these take up a lot of storage space.  With a clear set of dishes and using these plate mats, you can change up the "color" and "patterns" frequently and conveniently!


The following machine embroidery designs are created for "in-the-hoop" construction.  Let your embroidery machine do most of the stitching.  I'll go into more detail about the construction later.


On a cloudy winter day, use this plate mat to put a smile on someone's face.  I also had to add some crystals to the snowflake just for sparkle!

Cheer up someone with a preview to spring time!  Again, I just had to add some crystals.

Create some plate mats for special occasions like birthdays…with metallic gold and silver thread radiating from the candle…

…anniversaries, graduations, New Years… with metallic gold, silver, and copper thread fireworks set on an aurora colored sliver thread background… 

…Valentine's Day… with shaded 2-tone drop shapes… (I left off the crystals because the pink color is feminine enough!)

…St. Patrick's Day… with copper metallic thread outlines… 

…Easter...with ripple-fill eggs...

…Canada Day…with fancy-fill maple leaf...

…Thanksgiving Day…Christmas Day.

Create some to use every day...


And this one fashioned after a tattoo, with silver metallic thread chains and aurora sliver thread stitched crystals.

Speaking of every day, how about some for “every day” of the week!

Stitch some plate mats from red checked fabric for " Pizza Night"…or “Pasta Night”.

Stitch some plate mats from sky blue fabric for "Good Morning Sunshine".


Invite the grandkids over to have lunch with Baby Yoda!  They'll love it and you'll be the coolest grandma ev-ver!!

The possibilities are endless!!!  Plate mats would be great projects for you to use some of those designs that you purchased but have never used.


If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you can still make 8-inch rounds from various fabrics and showcase these under your dinner plates!


Now for the construction of these plate mats.  Hoop a piece of light weight tear-away stabilizer along with a piece of polymesh stabilizer on top of it.  Place the hooped stabilizers on the machine and bring up the design.  Lay your fabric over the stabilizer. Stitch all of the design except the last color stop.  When you get to this stop, change the thread to regular sewing thread and extend the backing fabric, right side down, over the design allowing enough for a seam allowance. Now stitch the last color stop.  Unhoop the design and remove the excess stabilizer.  

Mark a ¼- inch line around the outside only where the opening is.  Do this on the side where you can see the fully stitched circle.

Trim around the design leaving about a ¼-inch seam allowance.


Fold the stitched side of the design back, at the opening, to expose the backing of the mat.  Use the cut edge to stay-stitch a 1/4 inch seam.  This stitching will be your guide when clipping the curved edges, and also when you are ladder stitching the opening closed.  This stay stitching will also prevent the edge of the fabric of the opening from stretching when the mat is turned right side out.

Clip around the circle edge except where the opening is located.

Turn the mat right side out.  Now clip the edges of the opening.  Ladder stitch the opening closed.  Press.

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Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that I have inspired you to create !


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