Pink Christmas

Dec 12, 2020
by Rothney Chase

I apologize for bombarding you with another Christmas blog, but I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!  This year I am having a pink and silver Christmas.  With this current year being so-o-o-o crazy, I want to spread a little happiness, and Christmas decorations make me happy!  I'm sure that there are others out there that feel the same way.  And again, I have used balls, balls, and more balls for decorating!

I'll take you on a tour of my condo.  When you enter, the first view you have is shown below.  From here, I'll go around the room in more detail explaining each vignette.

I don't usually buy any containers that are not clear, but I couldn't pass up the bargain that I got on the pink candle holders on the far left, in the picture below.  Next to these are 3 candle sticks that have tall thin vases placed on top of each.  These are filled with pink icicles that I received from my dear friend.  I attached a large pink poinsettia corsage to the corner of the mirror and hung an over sized silver bauble from it.  A glittery snowflake hangs in the opposite corner of the mirror.  A cloche that I purchased on clearance is filled with pink and silver balls, and crystals.  The plate the cloche sits on has pink and clear crystals around the edges.  I topped the cloche with curled pink ribbon that hangs down to the cabinet.

The tall glass cylinder on the far right is filled with an assortment of silver balls.  Wide pink ribbon has been wrapped around the cylinder vase in 3 places, topped with a matching pink bow.  Beside this tall vase is a shorter one containing flocked poinsettias. 

Next on the tour is the vignette on top of the china cabinet.

On the left are 2 large candle holders.  The bottoms are filled with silver balls and placed on mirrored disks.  Where candles usually sit in these containers, I placed some pink sea glass and then topped each with an over-sized silver bauble.  The next glass container is filled with white, silver, and pink balls, topped with an over-sized silver bauble on one side and a large pink poinsettia on the other.  

Three tall candle holders were filled with the same pink sea glass that was used before, and each was topped with a large silver ball.  The next container is filled with pink balls and crystals with decorative silver baubles on top.  The tall crystal candle sticks have pink ribbon wrapped around the bottom of the candles.  As if I don't have enough sparkle, crystal beads and sparkly snowflakes are threaded on pale pink ribbons and tied to the tops of these candle sticks.

Just past the computer cabinet, is my tree.  It is small because the size of my condo dictates certain limits.  To make it appear a little larger, I mounted the tree on a plastic garden pedestal urn.  The pink satin tree skirt camouflages this.  It's really unfortunate that pictures don't capture sparkle to its maximum!  

I love the tall glass container next to the tree.  It's 7 inches taller than the other one and 10 inches in diameter!  I don't fill this one with just Christmas balls because it would need almost every ball I have!  The large poinsettias display perfectly inside this container.

Lights off! 

Lights on! 

Below is a close-up of my tree.  Pink and silver balls, pink crystal beads, silver pinecones, pink ribbon loops, hot pink glitter twigs, and branches of pink sparkly leaves.

A close-up of the tree skirt is shown in the picture below.  I embroidered the 3-D pink poinsettias and white holly leaves on organza and then stitched them onto the skirt.  Pink beads were stitched to the base of the holly leaves. 

For those of you that embroider, my tip to add a higher profile to the poinsettia is to gather a strip of tulle into a circle, as shown below, and place it between the middle and bottom petal layers.

Next to the tree display is my glass dining table situated in the bay window.   On the table are 3 mini cake stands containing flocked pink poinsettia and topped with curled pink ribbons.  There is also a Christmas display stand with a crystal snowflake and a large bell.  Two silver-striped glass vases, filled with pink balls and fairy lights, are double taped on top of 2 candle sticks.  On the glass shelf below the table top is an etched glass Christmas plate.  Two large goblet containers are sitting on the floor behind the table.  The tops are filled with pink balls and the bottoms are filled with silver balls.

Below is another view of the table.  This shows a better view of the glass shelf under the table top, and the bases of the goblets behind the table.

The picture below shows a close-up of the beautiful pink velvet poinsettia sparkling in a low dish on the legs of the dining table.

Continuing on the tour, we now arrive at the fireplace.  This picture just doesn't do the real thing justice.  There is so much sparkle here!  All the glitter, crystals, and silver!

The three over-sized wine glasses are each filled with pink, silver, and white Christmas balls and topped with a silver glitter snowflake.  Below these is a candy dish on a pedestal.  Along the back of the mantle are three tall containers that I acquired from my friend.  These are filled with pink pebbles and clear crystals.  In front of these are 3 crystal candle sticks topped with very large silver bells.  The last glass container is filled with pink balls topped with a pink flocked poinsettia.

Below is a close-up of the base of the fireplace.  Pine cones, silver and clear balls, silver poinsettias, and curled pink ribbons adorn these 2 containers.  I wrapped the boxes with pink ribbon to brighten this corner and I propped a large silver bauble against the boxes.

I use the ottoman as a coffee table.  A tray in the center adds a stabile place to set a coffee cup. The table runner on it matches the stocking hung on the fireplace.

Continuing around the room, the kitchen island is set for a quaint dinner for 2.

The picture below shows a silver charger placed on a silver place mat.  Then there is a clear dinner plate wrapped with a pink napkin and topped with a square clear dish, a pink satin embroidered pear and a crystal snowflake.  A silver glittered snowflake is set on the side of the plate for a little extra sparkle.   Offsetting the left side of the place mat is a glass-covered cupcake stand filled with pink crystals and a clear Christmas ball.   A white crystal candle holder and glittered candle balance the right side of the place mat.

Between the two place settings is a wooden lazy-susan holding a snowflake covered gift box, a sparkly snowflake, and 2 more cupcake stands filled with crystals and pearls.

This is a closeup of the other place setting.

The embroidered pink and silver elf gift bag, sitting on the end of the counter, signals the end of my pink Christmas tour.  I hope you enjoyed it, and I also hope that I was able to spread a little happiness!


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