Blue Christmas

Nov 13, 2020
by Rothney Chase

As I have previously mentioned, I usually have a different color scheme every Christmas.  I was able to celebrate 2 Christmases in my Penticton condo before I had to sell it.  The first Christmas was featured in my previous blog “Purple Christmas”, last December.  The second Christmas was done in blue and silver, which I will share with you today.

Any one can use these ideas for their decor!  They are quick, easy, and effective!

As you can see, I have used a lot of Christmas balls throughout my decor.  I filled 2 very tall glass containers with a variety of blue and silver balls to set off the fireplace.  I repeated this in 4 smaller vases on top of the fireplace.  Decorative silver balls were set in nests of blue shredded straw in 4 tall glass containers on the credenza.  

Some blue pillow covers to go with my blue color theme were created. Covers store flatter than actual pillows making them an ideal decorative accent!

The glass dish on the coffee table has a layer of clear and blue crystals with oversized silver bells, and all topped off with a large white frosted poinsettia. 

A very large pinecone along with some silver ornaments were set in a glass bowl at the base of the fireplace.  A couple of flameless candles were also placed at the base of the fireplace on a square mirror to reflect their glow.

To balance off the look of the fireplace, a set of blue boxes were un-nested and topped with a silver bow.        

Two large silver ornaments were laid on the mantle on each side of a silk plant.  Metallic blue and silver poinsettias were just set in the branches of this silk plant, for easy removal after Christmas.  These same poinsettias were also set in amongst the leaves of the silk plant on the credenza. 


Knowing that I change my decorating colors annually, a co-worker asked me what color my Christmas was going to be this year.  It turned out that her gifts to people were glass blown Christmas balls that she made herself.  She made mine blue.  I was so touched by her generosity, that I had to showcase her gift in a favorite slant-top vase along with crystals, a snowflake, and a silver leaf!  I love it!

My tree is small because I live in a condo but it still looks great with the silver and blue balls, blue ribbon loops, white snowflakes, and white feathery leaves.  After Christmas, I remove all of the blue accents leaving everything else ready for next year's color. 

I often use gift bags for decorating.  I had put an assortment of them underneath the tree. The picture below is a close-up of one of the gift bags and matching stocking that I created. 

Again, because I live in a condo and storage is at a premium, most items are dual purpose.  One side of this gift bag and stocking are in blue satin with tone on tone trapunto embroidery, and the flip sides are in blue brocade with 3-D organza poinsettias and holly leaves.  This way I can create 2 different looks with one item!  I hung the stocking on one side of the fireplace mantle.

Below is a close up of the 2 floral arrangements that were on the left side of the tree.  I found these blue velvet poinsettias and white glitter leaves at Michael’s.  I just had to have them!  I also mixed in some silver metallic poinsettias.  These 2 glass containers are the same height so I set one on a blue metallic gift-wrapped box to elevate it for a nice visual effect.

A similar arrangement was placed on a shelf of the built-in wall unit.  Pops of blue and silver were everywhere across the entire unit!  

Decorative blue balls were set on blue shredded straw in 2 tall glass goblets.  Silver glitter candles were put in 2 tall candle holders.

Two extension rods were placed up under the valance of the wall unit, one farther back than the other.  Crystal icicles were suspended from the closer rod and various snowflakes were suspended with blue ribbon from the other rod.

Smaller extension rods were placed in the other openings of the wall unit so that a mix of icicles and snowflakes could be hung. 

The same blue ribbon that was used to make the loops for the tree was wrapped around ivory flameless candles.

Blue pebbles were used in the bottom of containers to achieve some of those pops of color that I wanted.  Silver leaf sprigs added sparkle to the inside of the containers.

Again, you see the blue pebbles but this time, silver star ornaments were also added.  White pebbles were placed in the bottom of small, wide-mouth containers along with some candles.  These were then placed inside the taller containers.

My glass dining table has another glass shelf about 5 inches under the main table top. For this area, I made a circular mat from blue and silver-glitter fabric. I also made matching oval placemats.  I used clear decorative plates so that more of the sparkly fabric would show through.  The plate was topped with a white table napkin, and then a decorative blue plate.

The crowning glory for this place setting was a small pedestal cake stand which contained a trio of silver ornaments and topped with a sparkling blue velvet bow.  It was quite pretty!

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