Halloween in August??

Jun 13, 2020
by Rothney Chase

You’ve heard of Christmas in July, well the lake community that I belong to celebrates Halloween the second Saturday in August.  This allows all of the kids to enjoy candy collection in daylight while showing off their great costumes!  

Everyone participates!  Its so much fun.  I think that the adults enjoy it more than the kids!  Even the golf carts are transformed into works of art!  Below are my 3 cuties ready to head out for their second Halloween at the lake.

I embellished a couple of Halloween fabric panels to display outside on the door and the railing, as seen behind the grandkids.  I’m going to show all of these embellishments to inspire you to create similar projects!

The picture below shows the witch fabric panel.  I’ll focus on the details with close-up photos.

Before I put the backing on the witch hanging, trapunto was done on the witch’s hair and face, the cauldron and its bubbles, and the frog in the pocket.  This was done by first baste stitching a piece of batting to the wrong side of the panel around the outside edges.  Then I machine quilted around the cauldron and its bubbles, and around the frog and the pocket, and around the hair and across her neck.   A 3-inch slit was cut in the batting surrounded by the machine quilting for the cauldron and hi-loft stuffing was put in between the batting and the fabric panel.  The slit was then whipped stitched closed.  This same procedure was done for the frog and the hair, but the slits were smaller.  Trapunto is hard to see on the picture straight on, but I took a side view picture to show how much the cauldron and the frog were stuffed.

I don’t really consider myself a quilter but I did some outline machine quilting on the witch panel after the backing was put on the hanging.  The photo below is the back of the hanging showing quilting around the witch hat, down her dress straps, down her dress sides and the ripples in the dress, down the spider’s trailing, down her legs, around the bottom of her shoes, around the rectangle that’s around the witch, and down the sides of the broom handles.  You can also see where the trapunto was done because its puffier in those areas. 

The straw in the brooms was hand quilted with long stitches in gold thread.

The hair was hand quilted with 3 lines of long stitches in orange thread.

Gold beads were strung and attached on both sides of her collar as a necklace……. 

….and around her wrist as a bracelet.

Frayed shoelaces were made with sparkly purple and black crochet cotton.

Orange crystals were ‘swirled’ around the broom handles.

Clear crystals were attached at the joins of the spider webs that are in each corner.

Green crystals were fused in the center of the larger green splatters in the sky.

The picture below shows the count’s fabric panel.  I’ll focus on the details with close-up photos.

Again, before I put the backing on the count’s wall hanging, trapunto was done on the count’s face and body in the same manner as was done on the witch hanging.  The first photo below shows the back of the hanging with quilting around the castle walls, around the moon, around the cape collar, and along the upper arms.  The second photo shows quilting around the count’s body, shoes, around the edge of the cape, the webbing in the cape, and around the rectangle surrounding the count.  You can also see where the trapunto was done because its puffier in those areas.  

Orange star-shaped sequins were stitched in the sky using clear seed beads.

A gold buckle was stitched on the hat band.

A bow tie was fashioned out of purple satin ribbon and was stitched on with some slack just to give some definition between the count’s face and his body.

A pair of buttons with a chain was again, stitched on with some slack just to give the impression that his vest is very tight around his bulging belly!

Purple hot-fix crystals were scattered over the cape and also placed in the corners of the cape.

These are just a few of the embellishments that could be done on these 2 panels.  Your embellished projects are only limited by your imagination!!

I hope that I have inspired you to embellish a fabric panel or two!  Happy early Halloween!

As a side note, I made the quilted candy bags that the kids are holding.  This was the second year that the kidlets used them.  Time to make larger ones for them!

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