Tall Glasses Not Intended for Wine!

Apr 13, 2020
by Rothney Chase

I love clear, unusual glassware!  And I have a lot of it!  My friends can attest to that.  It was love-at-first-sight when I saw these 3 over-sized glasses.  The tallest glass is 28 inches tall. 

Below are 14 different, easy ways I used these glasses to compliment my décor at different times through the years.  I usually change my décor every 3 to 4 months. 

Decorative broken pink glass, purchased at Michael’s, was spread in the bottom of each glass.  This was topped by a large silk rose bloom.  Simple!

For another pink decor, the same pink broken glass was spread in the bottom of each glass.  Different sized pink balls, 3 for each glass, from potpourri were placed on one side of each glass.  A different pink silk flower bloom was then put on the other side in the smallest glass, 2 blooms in the middle size glass, and 3 blooms in the largest glass.  Easy to do!

I have different color-themed Christmases.  Really, would you expect anything less from a person who changes her décor every 3 to 4 months!  I’ll let you in on a secret at the end of this blog.

This one was pink, charcoal, and silver.  Christmas balls in those 3 colors were placed inside the 3 glasses.  Strips of 2 different ribbons were then ‘hap hazardously’ placed on top of the balls.  This takes no time at all!

This Christmas was moss green and gold.  Gold Christmas balls and large gold jingle bells were placed inside the 3 glasses.  These were each topped with a moss green velvet poinsettia bloom purchased from Michael’s.

When autumn hits the air, its time to change the décor.  This one was moss green.  Each of the glasses were filled with green and brown potpourri.  Can’t get much easier than that!

This autumn called for orange and ivory.  I find that the next best thing to using Christmas balls for decorating, is using colored Easter eggs.  Contrary to popular belief, they are not just for Easter!  Besides the potpourri, gold eggs were added into the mix, along with some pine cones.  Looks warm and inviting, taking the chill out of the air.

Changing it up for this fall, different sizes of artificial pumpkins and gourds were used to fill the glasses.  A few pieces from a bag of neutral potpourri were also added.  Mimics a mini harvest!

Just in time for the Lilac Festival in March, decorative purple crystals were spread in the bottom of each glass.  Stuffed embroidered fabric pears were placed on top of the crystals.  Various sizes of purple eggs were scattered around the pears.  Can’t you smell lilacs?

For “Summer at the Lake” decor, turquoise decorative stones were placed in the bottom of the glasses.  Different balls from turquoise potpourri were spread over the stones. Three different eggs were added to each glass to add a little sparkle.  Love those eggs!

This Christmas was done just in red.  A string of red beads was placed in each glass.  Then various red Christmas balls, matte finish, shiny, glittered, and frosted filled each of the glasses.  Easy!

Another Christmas was a mixture of red and gold.  A variety of gold and red Christmas balls and gold jingle bells were placed inside the 3 glasses.  

Another Christmas was also done in red and gold.  A string of red beads was placed in each glass.  Various red and gold Christmas balls of about the same size, along with large gold jingle bells, filled each of the glasses.  Then each glass was topped with a large gold filigree ornament.   A crowning touch!

This Christmas was blue and silver.  Blue glitter stars were mixed in with Christmas balls in blue and silver and placed inside the 3 glasses.  Easy peasy!

Close to Easter, clear crystals were spread in the bottom of each glass.  Yellow Easter grass was then spread over the crystals.  Eggs in gold, peachy-yellow, pale orange, and pinky-peach were placed over the grass.  Pictures just don’t do this justice!  I love sparkle!  Sunny yellow seems to invite the spring….and bunnies!

I promised to reveal a secret.  I don’t pay full price for any of the Christmas balls or the Easter eggs!  I always wait until after the holidays to purchase these at steep discounts.  I usually add one or two new items to my stash every year.

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