Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker!

Feb 12, 2020
by Rothney Chase

This month I am going to show you 15 different uses for ONE pair of candlesticks.  This blog has more pictures than words!

A few of you may have 2 or 3 candlesticks that are sitting in the back of the china cabinet.  Now is the time for you to bring them out and show them in a different light!   

No candlesticks in the house?  I found some excellent ones at HomeSense for reasonable prices.  These candlesticks show my love for clear glassware!  I did purchase a set of 3, but I will only be using 2 of them in this blog.  Use candlesticks that have fairly large tops.  

I very seldom put tapered candles in these candlesticks.  I use them in the following ways to decorate the dining table, mantle, side board, or bookcase.  Anywhere I need some interest!


Just by adding another piece of glassware to the candlestick can totally change its look.  Use double sided tape to secure the glassware to the candlestick.

Here, I bought 2 crackle votive candle holders from the dollar store.  Using double sided tape, I secured a votive on each candlestick and filled them with colored crystals to coordinate with other accents in the room, like pillows.  Instead of crystals, you could use colored votive candles.

I don’t usually buy colored glassware, but I found a couple of small green glasses at a garage sale and couldn’t pass up the bargain, a nickel each!  The candle sticks now look like they came with globes on top. 

All the look needed was a couple of white votive candles.

I purchased 2 flameless candles that came inside glass containers from HomeSense.   After I set the timers on the flameless candles, I secured them to the candlesticks with double sided tape. 

Looks like a whole new set of candlesticks!


Even though these candlesticks were made for tapered candles doesn’t mean you can’t use them for larger candles.  I usually purchase white flameless candles so that I can change them up by using different colored ribbon as I did in this example. 

Change the ribbon, change the ambience! 


I’ll bet that you also have some fancy glasses in your china cabinet that were right next to those candlesticks!  Time to pull them out too. 

Secure them to the candlesticks with double sided tape and place a fancy votive candle inside each glass.

Another example using fancy glasses but these are a bit frosted.  The gold rim adds a touch of elegance.  These almost look like hurricane lamps.  The yellow votives finished the look.


I found these small serving dishes at HomeSense in their Clearance section.  Secure them to the candlesticks using double sided tape.  Place a votive candle in the bottom of each dish.  Sprinkle some colored crystals around the votives.


I found these vases at the dollar store.  These were just the perfect size to display a couple of flowers.  After securing them to the candlesticks, fill the bottom of each vase with pink crystals and then add just the flower blooms. 

Candles aren’t always needed!


 I also found these 7-inch cylinder vases at the dollar store.  Again, secure them to the candlesticks.  Fill the bottom third of each vase with colored crystals.  Then fill the next third with clear crystals.  Place a fancy votive on top to fill the top third of the vase.

These vases work just as well as tapered candles!


Another vase from the dollar store secured on top of each candle stick with double stick tape. 

Sparkly paper was trimmed with fancy edged scissors and placed inside each vase.  Flameless white candles have silver ribbon taped to the top edges.  The candles are then placed inside the vases.


I had this photo in my Purple Christmas blog a few months ago. 

These vases were secured on top of a couple of different candlesticks than the ones I’m using in this blog.  Unfortunately, these vases are packed away and not available for a new photo, but you can see how they could work just as well with the candlesticks in this blog.


Do you have some fancy plates somewhere in that china cabinet?

Secure them to the top of the candlesticks.  Please use heavy duty double stick tape. 

Now you have a couple of pedestals.   Use this idea on a dessert table or at a coffee station. 


The afternoon coffee group would feel very special if you presented them with cookies and nougat this way!

Another example of using fancy plates for pedestals, but this time secure a fancy glass in the center of each fancy plate.  Place a couple of silk leaves on the plates.

Display cookies around the plate and some truffles in the glass.

Very impressive!


Use the pedestals to display some ornaments you love surrounded by clear crystals.


The ideas are limitless!  Use your imagination!  Send me some pictures of your ideas.  I would love to see them.  Thanks for stopping by.

Stay tuned to the blog on my website at https://www.designsbyrothney.com.     



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