Ahh, The Butter Dish!

Jan 15, 2020
by Rothney Chase

I’ll show you eleven ideas for this butter dish that are quick and easy and anyone can master them! 

As I stated in my previous blog, I love using glassware for decorating.  Just clear glassware!  I use various materials to decorate the clear glassware.  Its easier to store paper, ribbon, and embroidery that can lay flat, rather than buying different containers in different colors. 

I love the butter dishes that I purchased at Crate and Barrel for about $5 each.  Each of them measures about 4.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter.

I use them for all kinds of events and not just for butter!  One of these can be placed at each table setting, or many can be lined up along the mantle, or they can be grouped together in the center of a table.  Anywhere you need some interest!

 Most of the props I use for decorating come from the dollar store.  Stickers for birthdays and every holiday; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween.  Bead necklaces from the party favor section.  Ribbons and bows.  Crystals and shredded filler.  Fancy paper.  Cup cake/snack holders and paper doilies.  Stick-on rhinestones and pearls.

One example of how I use the butter dish is when I have the ladies over for coffee or tea.

I put some ribbon inside the dish then fill it with a variety of fancy cookies.  Tie a little ribbon around the top.  Place the dish on top of a fancy side plate on top of a larger plate. 

Every one loves cookies and the ladies feel special! 

Impressive but inexpensive! 


For Christmas, put a silver beaded necklace in the bottom of the butter dish.  Place a natural pine cone or a glittered pine cone on top of the beads.  Place a sticker, or two or ten, on the glass dome top.  I have a Santa sticker on the lid in the picture.

Place the butter dish on a small mirror that can be purchased at the dollar store in the candle section.

Place the mirror and the dish on a dinner place setting or place it on the table to the left of the dinner plate.

Coil a piece of ribbon beside the display.

Quick and easy but big on impact! 

If you prefer some color, add some curled red ribbon around the top.  Add a piece of curled red ribbon beside the display as well as a few red crystals.

The silver beads could also be changed out for red beads!

Again, quick and easy. 

I love a Blue Christmas!  But this could also be used after the holidays for a winter get-together!

Place some blue glass stones in the bottom of the dish.  Curl some ribbon and add that on top of the stones.  Put 3 coconut truffles inside.  Put a little more curled ribbon on top of the truffles.  Wrap some curled ribbon around the top of the dish. 

Set the dish on top of a couple of snow flakes from the dollar store and spread some extra blue glass stones around the display. 

Fancy, but no trouble to create! 

Besides clear containers, I also like using clear plates so that different items underneath can show through.

Cut a heart out of paper and place underneath the plate.  Those of you that quilt or embroider can design a fabric heart to use instead of paper. 

Stick a pink glitter heart on a heart snack cup.  Put a string of heart beads (the same as on the plate) inside the snack cup and drape some of the beads over the side of the snack cup.  Fill the snack cup with chocolate foiled hearts.  Place the filled snack cup inside the butter dish.

Place pink glitter hearts on the glass dome.  Curl some pink ribbon around the top.  Place the butter dish on the clear plate.

Drape another string of heart beads across the plate and place a couple of glitter hearts beside the butter dish.

Very festive for Valentine’s Day or an Anniversary! 

Who doesn’t appreciate green cookies, green muffins, and green pancakes!!

For St. Patrick’s Day, place a large glitter shamrock, from the dollar store, under a clear glass plate.  The quilters and embroiderers can have fun creating a unique fabric shamrock rather than using the dollar store find.

Place a string of green beads in the bottom of the butter dish.  Fill the dish with chocolate foiled coins.  Place small shamrock stickers on the dome.  Finish with a curled green ribbon around the top.

For drama, drape a string of gold beads across the plate.

There is no place for green beer here!!  Maybe green champagne though! 

Love the colors of Easter!  Pastel pinks, yellows, blues and greens.

Cut an egg shape out of yellow paper and place it underneath a clear plate.  Again, quilters and embroiderers, get creative making fabric eggs to go underneath the plates.

Place some yellow Easter grass in the bottom of the butter dish.  Fill the dish with candy eggs.  Place 3 or more Easter stickers on the dome.  Tie some curled yellow ribbon around the top.

Place some Easter egg stickers around the edge of a small paper doily.  Position the butter dish on the doily in the center of the plate.  Sprinkle a few pink crystal rocks around the plate.  I placed a free-standing embroidered applique rabbit beside the plate to finish off the look.

Welcome Spring! 

I hope everyone thinks that their mother is a true pearl!  For Mother’s Day share this thought with her.

Cut a piece of glitter pink paper with fancy blade scissors.  Place this inside the butter dish along with a string of faux pearls.  Top the pearls with a few choice chocolates.

Place a row of stick-on pearls, from the dollar store, along the bottom edge of the dome and some around the top.

Set the butter dish on a fancy pink quilted mat.

Little effort, but definitely worthy for this special day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 

Now who’s having a birthday??  If you have an extended family like I do, there seems to be a birthday every month!

I found some glitter sheets of sticker paper at the dollar store so I created a Happy Birthday banner in Word and then printed it on the sticker paper.   I cut it out and stuck it on the dome.  It worked great!

Round the corners of another matching sheet of paper and place it under a clear plate.

Place some aqua glass pebbles, from the dollar store, in the bottom of the butter dish.  Fill with pink wrapped candies. 

Add butterfly stickers to the dome and top it off with a matching ribbon tied in a bow. 

This would definitely make my day happy if someone did this for me! 

I know that I have stated that I love using clear plates, but I saw these orange plates at Home Sense and just had to have them!

For Thanksgiving, place a gold glitter paper or fabric circle on the plate.  Place opaque white stones in the bottom of the butter dish.  Stand some orange wrapped candy sticks amongst the stones.

Create a “Give Thanks” banner in Word and then print out on a gold glitter sheet of sticker paper.  Cut the banner out and stick on the dome.  Place the dome on the butter dish and tie an orange glitter ribbon bow on top.

Quick and easy, now where’s that turkey!! 

Halloween is all about the candy!! 

Candy inside the butter dish and candy outside the butter dish!!

Have the ladies over early in the afternoon for coffee and candy before the ghouls start their rounds!

Place some purple pebbles in the bottom of the butter dish.  Fill the dish with purple wrapped candies.  Put some stickers on the dome; bats, gnarly tree, jack-o-lanterns.  Top off the dome with orange and purple ribbons.

Place the butter dish on an orange plate and spread some orange wrapped candies around the butter dish.

No trick here!  Happy Halloween!


These are just a sample of ideas for the butter dish.  I have more to share with you later so stay tuned to the blog on my website at https://www.designsbyrothney.com.



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