Purple Christmas

Jan 4, 2020
by Rothney Chase

Hi Everyone.

I’m excited to share my new website with you. It has been revamped and can be seen better on mobile devices. My website also includes a monthly blog. I would appreciate it very much if you read it and send me your comments. My blog may not necessarily have anything to do with embroidery!

A few of you have told me that you are not creative, but I beg to differ. Any one can be a decorator!! Most of my blogs will contain decorating or entertaining ideas that you can use, or elaborate on, whether you are having a romantic dinner for 2, the girls over for coffee, a celebratory dinner for family and friends, or just decorating the house for a change.

This first blog is about my purple Christmas that I had. As many of you know, I usually have a different color scheme every Christmas. This one just happens to be purple and silver.  I use a lot of Christmas balls throughout my decor. I never pay full price for the balls.  If you wait until after Christmas, you can get great deals on all kinds of Christmas decorations.  Fill tall/short glass containers, bowls, cake stands, baskets, or boxes, that are on hand, with a variety of purple and silver balls.  Stuff the tops of the stockings with purple tissue.  Wrap a few empty boxes with silver wrapping paper and purple ribbon.  I like to have a pop of color every where. The fireplace was just crying out for these wrapped boxes!


The wreath on the mantle is sitting on a wreath holder.  The decorations are just set in the branches of the wreath for easy removal after Christmas so that you have a bare wreath to work with next year!  Also, purple poinsettias are just set in amongst the leaves of the silk plant on the credenza.  Purple pillow covers, which will store flatter than actual pillows, adorn the pillows on the couch. 

I have another wreath on a stand in the wall unit.  There are pops of color and light throughout the wall unit.  An extension rod was put in one of the openings and clear icicles were suspended from it.


This is a close-up of the wreath in the wall unit.  The decorations are purchased picks that have leaves and ornaments already attached.  These picks, the snowflakes, and the bow are just set in between the branches.  Easy to dismantle and use the wreath with another color next year! 

Other extension rods were put up in the window, to hold dollar store snowflakes suspended from purple ribbons, and clear icicles about 2/3 of the way down the window.  More purple and silver Christmas balls.  Candles in lanterns with snowflakes taped to the front of the lanterns.


Those same snowflakes were put in containers with candles and purple stones.  These containers are not part of the candle sticks they are sitting on.  I used double sided tape to temporarily secure them together for this decoration idea.  You can add any size or shape container on top of any candle stick and reuse the candle sticks and containers again separately! 

The same snowflakes as above were set in the top left-hand corners of each of the purple satin placemats.  My glass table has another glass shelf about 5 inches under the main table top. I made a circular mat for this area and placed a large snow flake on top of it.  Another large snowflake was also placed in the centre of the table top.  


Since I live in a condo, my tree is small.  It still looks great with the silver and purple balls, purple ribbons, and purple and white snowflakes.  After Christmas, I take off the purple balls, purple snowflakes, and purple ribbons, leaving everything else ready for next year's color scheme.  I put a large plastic bag over the whole tree and store it in a closet.  This saves a lot of time putting lights back on the tree next year.


Also storage is limited in a condo.  All of the glass I buy is clear so that I can use them with any color I want.  Colored stones, sand, marbles, rocks, paper, and acrylic crystals take up less space then having glass vessels in different colors. 


In my future blogs on decorating, you will notice the same glass vessels used with different colors.  I also rotate a lot of the different glassware so that the pieces might not be seen all the time. 


I like variety and change!


This first blog was emailed to everyone registered on my website, but it can also be found on my website.  If you know of anyone else who might be interested in reading about different ideas or seeing the pictures, please have them go to my website and signup with their emails. My website is found at https://www.designsbyrothney.com.


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